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Thanks to the endeavours of Teresita Rasini Fontana, the Lucio Fontana Foundation (Fondazione Lucio Fontana) came into being on 29th November 1982. It acquired the Status of a legally-recognised non-profit organization on 20th June 1984 with the signing of a Presidential Decree by the then Italian President Sandro Pertini (Decree no. 684).
Teresita chose to place all her art collection, comprising over 600 works, in the hands of the Foundation, remaining president until her death in 1995. Together with a small group of friends, she also set in motion the procedures to create a detailed, accurate catalogue database of all of Fontana’s works, so as to safeguard her husband’s valuable artistic legacy.

This undertaking actually began in 1970, with the founding of the “Archivio”, and over time has led to the establishing of a very sizeable body of works, now collected together in the various editions of the Catalogues raisonnés.
The first of these was published in 1974 by the La Connaisance company in Brussels, edited by Enrico Crispolti, who even at that early date was a particularly perceptive connoisseur of the artist’s work. This work, Lucio Fontana – Catalogue Raisonné des Peintures, sculptures et environnements spatiaux, then gave rise to a series of more complete and updated publications that benefit from the results of further work on the catalogue database and the collection of information that still continues today.

With the aim of conserving and furthering its heritage, and respecting the spirit of the statute, the Foundation actively takes part in the organization of exhibitions held by important public and private institutions, in Italy and abroad.
The vast anthological exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan (1972), the Guggenheim exhibition in New York (1977), the travelling one-man exhibition in Japan (1985-1986), the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (1987-1988), the one-man show at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Roma (1998), the five centenary exhibitions organised in Milano (1999) and the Guggenheim one-man show in New York and Venice (2006-2007) are just some of the most significant moments in the exhibition history of Fontana, highlighting the Foundation’s pledge to promote the artist’s work.

In over forty years of activity, first as the “Archivio” and then as the Foundation, the commitment to safeguarding Fontana’s work has never ceased. And in this context, an internal artistic committee has been set up to identify and record the artist’s signed works.

The activities of the Foundation continue today in various fields, but always with the same initial spirit of enthusiasm and attention to detail, with the aim of keeping the memory of Fontana alive with his many admirers and friends.


Presidente: Paolo Laurini
Vice Presidente: Silvia Ardemagni
Consiglieri: Nini Ardemagni Laurini , Filippo Corbetta, Serena Monina, Maria Villa.


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