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"Authenticating Works"

The Lucio Fontana Foundation carries out authentication and cataloguing activities for all of the artist's works.

The Artistic Committee meets three times a year at the Foundation's offices in Corso Monforte, Milan, in order to authenticate works, taking advantage of the external consulting of prof. Luca Massimo Barbero (download cv).

Examination of Works
request procedures

To establish whether a work owned is authentic or not, in other words to request the work be examined by the Foundation's Artistic Committee, specific procedures must be followed.

  • Initial contact should be made by email, at least a month before the Committee meets, sending a photograph of the work in question so as to clearly identify its key features.
  • Then telephone contact will be made, in order to fix an appointment so that the work can be delivered to the Foundation, which must take place at least ten days before the date of the meeting.
  • Before delivery, a bank transfer must be made, which is to be considered as a non-refundable payment to cover the cost of the consultation activities.

According to the kind of work to be examined, the amounts to be paid are:

€ 366.00 for drawings
from € 488.00 to € 732.00  for ceramics
€ 1,525.00 for canvases, sculptures and spatial environments
between € 366 a € 1,525 for all other types of work, as advised

In case of foreign operators with a valid VAT NUMBER (communicated in advance by filling the form below) please decrease the amount of 22% (300.00 for drawings; from 400 to 600 for ceramics; 1250 for canvases, sculptures and spatial environments; between 300.00 and 1250.00 for all other types of work, as advised)

Details for bank transfers:
IBAN: IT44J0200801618000104696296

Even if the work is not attributed to Lucio Fontana, the payment will not be refunded.

• The person making the payment must complete the form for invoicing purposes: the form can be filled in here and sent by email.

• Along with the work in question, the delivery must also include the receipt of payment and six coloured photographs taken by a professional (three of the front, three of the back, size 18 cm x 24 cm). According to the kind of work, however, the triple copies of photos requested may vary: front and back for paintings; front and back (if valid) for drawings; two different angles, and a detailed shot of the signature, for sculptures. In addition, high-definition digital images on CD must also be provided along with the printed photographs.

• In the event that the owner won't be present at the delivery of his own work it is necessary to send to the foundation the proxy available below: PROXI

• The Foundation will then issue a deposit note (verbale di deposito) and shortly after will send out an invoice.

• At least three days after the Committee's examination, the owner can collect the work from the Foundation, and only at that point will the results of the examination be communicated.

• If the examination is favourable, a certificate of authenticity will be sent within 60 days.

N.B. Works presented for examination must not be framed, or they must accompanied by a written statement from the owner authorising the Foundation to disassemble all parts which might hinder examination.

Collection of Works
and costs of safekeeping

Once the Committee has expressed its conclusions about a work, the owner must collect the work from the head offices in Corso Monforte, Milan, handing in the deposit note received on delivery.
Should the work not be collected, the Foundation will look after its safekeeping, without assuming any civil or legal responsibility in regard to the work. Furthermore, the costs for the safekeeping of any work that is not collected will be payable by the owner of the work in question.

to the use of personal data

In accordance with the Italian decree law no. 196 of 30th June 2003 (the Italian personal data handling act), collectors must send written authorization to the Lucio Fontana Foundation, should they specifically wish to appear with their own name.
In accordance with article 13 of the 2003 decree law no. 196, personal data will be handled only for publication purposes.
Without such authorization, the expression "Private Collection" (Collezione Privata) will be used.

Please fill in the online form to provide the invoicing data required for services provided by the Lucio Fontana Foundation.

The Foundation does not carry out valuations (price estimations) of works.


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